Meet Mo

Father of Rama and Maleeya, award winning radio host, writer, podcaster, motivational speaker.

Mohamed Diallo has more than 25 years of experience in Radio Broadcasting. He won the award of the best Radio Broadcaster in the Ivory Coast in 1998 (UNJJCI). He spent most of his broadcasting career with Radio Nostalgie in Côte d'Ivoire.


He's been now living for more than 20 years the USA, where he became an expert in New Media Technology (Indiana University Graduate School of Informatics). He has a Master of Communications obtained with honors from the French School of Press Attaché (EFAP).


Mohamed Diallo is a father, journalist, a writer and a positive thinker. His main focus today is all about promoting the positive side of Africa while helping its people reprogram their subconscious mind. Not only, is he a true entertainer, but he is also a motivational speaker and a firm believer that the greatest battle of our time is knowing “Who We Are”?


He wants everyone to remember that we should “listen” to our intuition, instinct (coming from God), and remain authentic no matter what! He believes that no one should dictate us how to live our precious lives, as we are the co-creators of our daily realities can decide what we want to do at any given time by choosing carefully our thoughts and by understanding the laws of nature such as the laws of attraction and gravity.


Finally, Mohamed believes that nothing will change in our lives unless we remove the poisonous, negative people and things holding us back! That’s the reason why he lives by the number one rule to improve our living conditions: CUTTING THE “BS” out of our lives, regardless of “who” or “what” it might be. Cut The BS and Stay Happy!

Cut The "BS" out of your life and Success will follow

Mohamed Diallo