Talent (natural) Vs Skills (developed) - Passion (Natural) Vs Desire (want)!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

This is the one of the most important articles I ever wrote, because it is about the biggest myth holding back many peopl. A challenge i had to over-stand myself before becoming my "better" version.

This subject has been treated, explained by many before me, by the greatest thinkers but still, confused I was, and still many of you out there are confused, about the difference between talent & skill, also between passion & Desire. Humanity has been trying to explain it for centuries and yet, the confusion still persists. let's diffuse it once for all.

Success started coming my way & I became successful the day I deeply "over-stood" the difference between my passion, my natural talent and what I really really wanted to do.

My mind cleared up completely, I could feel it to the point of being able to touch & see the invisible. Everything became suddenly simple, I was free, I knew what I wanted to do, I knew where I wanted to go, I knew what I wanted to become automatically.

I knew all these things that all came together into one place. I stopped looking into so many directions, trying new things all the time to be successful. I quit jumping on all occasions. I stopped trying any kind of opportunities, because someone else was successful at it or it was well presented on TV or on the Web. I stopped getting excited unnecessarily for many of the propositions coming my way. I stopped following blindly the advisors, the preachers who certainly knows me less than I know myself. I stopped listening without thinking, the friend, the parent who know less about what I want than I do. I quit trying to find answers outside of the person I am. I stopped seeking for guidance outside of what is Me. I quit trying the many different formulas of success.

I stopped taking chances. I stopped running. I had over-stood and I just knew. And when you know, you know. The need to say or prove that you know disappear. It is there, you touched it. You breath it, you live it and you are IT and can only become IT. IT being what you really, really want to do.

Everything just slowed down for me and all just made sense. Then, I started walking straight, with absolute assurance & total confidence towards my purpose, because for the first time ever, I knew that I was in complete control of my destiny.

I stopped being confused the day I understood that, all I had to do all this time, all my life to be successful, was to do what I really really wanted to do, regardless of that thing being my natural talent, passion or not. It is that simple. All I had to do was to act upon what all my DNA, my entire being, my soul, my spirit, my body was burning for, was begging me to do and that thing was what I desired to do, not necessarily my passion or what I have a natural talent for, but what I always had a strong desire to do. Desire, which in itself has power and never fails. (It is from the source, the supreme, the infinite).

A very important point now: in my case I was lucky like many successful athletes, football or basketball players and singers, like many of you guys out there, I was lucky, because I had the blessing that I wanted to do what I have a natural talent for, what I am passionate about; which is, talking to you people; communicating, inspiring you, motivating you, understanding you, sharing my understanding of life with you, making you feel good, helping you make the most of yourself, making you happy, giving you pleasure, bringing a smile to your face.

Now, why talented people fail?

They fail because they forget that having the talent is one thing, but having the will and a strong desire to act efficiently in a certain way (creatively not by competing) upon that natural talent, is another thing.

The latter is the main reason why talented people are not successful. They make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to have to have a natural talent and that success will come to them just because they have that gift, that talent. NOOO. The talented person must still have within him the envy, a strong envy to do what he is talented for. The talented person must have within him the desire to use that talent to be successful in life.

They fail because what they are talented for is not in fact what they desire to do and they may not even know it. Often, talented people fail to recognize that they don't have a strong desire to do what they have a natural talent for. This is huge!!! We must pause here. Knowing this is the main reason why talented people fail and is what is holding many . You must read this again and again, until it becomes a part of you.

Remember, if you don't desire strongly to do what you are gifted for, naturally talented for, you can't be successful, despite having that talent or passion. You always do what you want to do either good or bad, don't you think so?

Furthermore, talented people also fail because, they do not act upon their talent.

All that being said, there are 2 types of successful people in regard to talent and passion:

  1. Those who are lucky enough to really want to do what they have a natural talent for, what they are passionate about. We have many extremely talented young football player all over the world, but only few make it to the top level. Those are the one who have a strong desire to play football and acted upon that talent, because where there is desire there is power.

  2. Then we have those who don't have a strong desire to do what they have a natural talent for or what they are passionate about. That passion and natural talent will always be there deep inside them, but you will still see them being successful into something that has nothing to do with their talent, with their passion. They are the successful lawyer, doctor or businessman, Plumber, farmer, nutritionist, dentist, community leader, driver. After work, they will see them all satisfying their passion, the one who loves piano will be playing piano, others will be playing soccer on the week end, others will be singing in karaoke's etc. Follow me here: They are successful in what they really wanted to do, successful in what they strongly desired to do, successful in what they developed the skills for and acquired the tools, because they wanted to do that badly enough. But at the same time, their passion and natural talent being there within them, they still satisfy that passion, that natural talent, because it is the only way. There is no other way, you can't live without satisfying what is consistently expressing itself within you.

It is an evidence that we always get what we really, really want, badly enough. When we want sex or food, we will do everything humanly possible to get it. You know it and I know it.

What we must remember is that we better be of those who want good things for good deeds. We better be among those who plant positive seeds for positive results and not the opposite, because we will certainly get it too.

Conclusion: Always Do What You Strongly Desire To do, What you are really burning to do, but remember, that may not necessarily be your passion or what you have a natural talent for. Also Doing what you want to do is life and you will be more satisfied.

Mohamed Diallo

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