Understanding Relationships & Mariages

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Love, Sex and Romance, then Money...

Entering a relationship because of Love, Sex and Romance (One May add respect), will guarantee Happiness, Peace an Stability for both partners. I will not argue about this. Maleeya and Rama (my two daughters) will learn this and anyone who wants to live a complete life should. Millions of websites as well as audio-videos materials may help you identify your "dream" life-partner, what he looks like, what he does for a living, who are his parents, what type of education he got, who his friends are etc, but nothing, I said nothing is more complete nor can replace the combination of Love, Sex and Romance for a happy and long relationship.

Whenever a relationship ends, it is because one of the emotions of Love, Sex, Romance is no longer "implemented". It is absolute truth for what I know and will never, I say never debate this with no one as long as I am alive. You know it is the truth.


The biggest myth about relationships & marriages is their association to money. Let me eliminate once for all any confusion by stating this: Money and Love are completely different from one another. It is like a man and a woman walking side by side in two separate lanes, they may get together at some point, but they still remain two different entities, with their own personalities. The lanes on which each of them is walking may converge, but they will still keep their personalities. The only 3 emotions that will allow a long lasting relationship are still and for ever will be: Love-Sex and Romance. There is no relationship, if it is for any good reason that can succeed, if entered upon the basis of Money alone. Money is needed to buy/get what we need (of course), while Marriage or any relationship, only needs the combination of Love-Sex-Romance. Money is essential to live a normal life, since You can’t really function in our society with Love and Water alone. Furthermore, Love Alone can’t bring happiness because you need money or a mean to exchange services to operate in any given society. Also, Money Alone can’t bring happiness either in a relationship, you still need love, sex and romance, whether Married or not, we still need to eat, drink and think.

A good relationship or marriage is the result of a combination of Love, sex and romance, then money. So Make sure to make as much money as you can my friends, but while you do so, please remember to do everything in your power to "keep" the person with which you share the emotions of Love, Sex and Romance. I rest my case.

Mohamed Diallo

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